Resident Evil Zombie 1996 Resident Evil first zombie Barry Burton and Jill Valentine

Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) defined the new “Survival Horror” Genre for years maybe started the whole Zombie Games chain reaction we experience till today. Capcom developed a real masterpiece for its time, the zombie dogs jumping through windows, the zombies everywhere, the giant spiders and many other scary enemies delivered an experience unseen before in any video games. Unforgotten are also the dialogues between Jill Valentine and Barry Burton. Thank You Capcom.

Resident Evil got multiple sequels and spinoffs over the years, RE itself got one Directors Cut edition which added new scenarios to the game among other features, years later it was remade with making full use of the Nintendo Gamecube’s capabilities. This great REmake is getting a HD facelifting now and will finally be ported to the Playstation 3 and 4 as well as to PC and the Microsoft platforms.

This game is awesome and everyone should have played one or another version of it.

Resident Evil was claimed by two Game-Art-HQ Community members after a few days already.

Resident Evil PSX Tribute Cover Art


Resident Evil Jill Valentine Playstation PSX Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Resident Evil – The First Horror

Resident Evil Barry Burton Jill Valentine PSX Anniversary Art Tribute on Game Art HQ

“I’ll be examining this… I hope this is not CHRIS’ blood

by Scribbletati

Resident Evil was the first Game me and my Brothers really wished for.
We got a lot of games when we were given our first console. But it’s Different to
actually get the game you with for. I was 8 years old … and i was like “best game ever!”
My opinion didn’t change ;)

The reason i chose this particular scene is simple: There is just no real Resident Evil fan
who does not know about this scene and the way it’s synchronised…or didn’t imitate Barry
for that matter: “What is this? Looks like blood. Hope this is not… … Chris’ blood!” love it :D
At that time the Playstation was like the holy grail for all gamer kids in the neighborhood.
It wasn’t any different for me :3



Resident Evil Albert Wesker  Umbrella PSX Anniversary Art Tribute on Game Art HQ

“I Am not Umbrella’s Slave!” by Eclession



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