Vagrant Story is an action game with a lot JRPG elements set in the world of Ivalice like Final Fantasy Tactics and XII and was released as one of the last big highlights on the Playstation by Squaresoft in the year 2000.

The story as well as the whole setting and gameplay is very unique, deep and full of interesting characters like the main protagonist Ashley Riot, the antagonist Sydney Losstarot and Ashley’s partner Callo Merlose. The game is also filled with all kinds of monsters which look noteable darker as in any of the Final Fantasy games.

Vagrant Story follows the story of Ashley who has to investigate the underground of the city Leá Monde and a cult leader named Sydney Losstarot. He can use a big arsenal of different weapons and attacks, but has to care about unusual many factors and stats during the battles. Ashley is a “Riskbreaker” and can be much faster and stronger if he has a low health..which rises the risk.

Vagrant Story was never getting a sequel sadly, but many of its developers delivered another great game with Final Fantasy XII years later for the Playstation 2.



Vagrant Story Callo Merlose Playstation Anniversary

Callo Merlose, the partner of Ashley in Vagrant Story

drawn by Tew-Tew

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