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Street Fighter EX was a pretty nice first step for the Street Fighter series into the third dimension and while the game and its sequels were not as groundbreaking as Street Fighter II or super technical like Street Fighter III, it did a good job to show Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and many other SF characters in 3D. The game had a good super-moves system and Playstation version more gameplay modes and extras than any other Street Fighter game before.

It’s also the first Street Fighter game which had a challenges practice mode, and players could unlock a few characters like Shin Akuma through mastering these challenges which made them learn the characters and their moves as well.

The Street Fighter EX games were only published by Capcom but developed by Arika, a much smaller Japanese developer which exists till today. SFEX got two sequels, Arika also developed Fighting Layer in cooperation with Namco for Arcades which was mainly based on the SFEX engine and had two characters from it in the roster.

Speaking about characters, Arika did a superb job with their character designs. Skullomania, Garuda, Pullum Purna and Kairi were damn good additions to the Street Fighter roster and people still hope they would return in a future SF game..but well..copyrights and stuff =/

Street Fighter EX Cover


Street Fighter EX + @ Playstation Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Skullomania Fighter EX

by Alejandro Villada

I love fighting games and it all began with Street Fighter Ex, i had a friend who had the game and we should all go to his plase to play, it was so much fun and had great and unique characters i had never seen before, the ones i remember the most were Skullomania, Dhalsim, Doctrine Dark and Ryu.



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