Mitsurugi Soul Edge Blade Screenshot

Heishiro Mitsurugi

Taki vs Sophitia

Taki vs. Sophitia

Edge Master Mode in Soul Blade

The Edge Master Mode

Soul Edge was a 3D arcade fighting game from 1995 that featured characters wielding weapons like swords, axes and such with a medieval background. It was a huge success and the inevitable home port was soon to happen. Arriving on Japanese Playstations on 1996 and almost a year later on European and American soil but with a change in the title to Soul Blade and English voices for most of the characters as well as a little change in the intro (Sophitia…)

With its Edge Master mode it probably created the base for all the challenge and mission modes we see in fighting games today.

No need to say that it was a smashing hit that paved the way to many sequels to come in the form of “SoulCalibur”.


 Mitsurugi vs Hwang Soul Edge

SoulEdge PSX Tribute Hwang vs Mitsurugi for the Playstation Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Mitsurugi vs. Hwang in Soul Edge by Joel Sousa

Back then I was a proud SEGA kid with a Saturn, but I can’t deny the shock and envy I had when I first saw the intro on this game. It was just mind blowing, but instead of explaining it let me show you. Just watch it okay?

Still pretty good or? :D  Anyway that wasn’t all. The graphics were awesome and still are acceptably good if you think the amount of time that passed since it’s launch.

And the medieval setting was amazing with Epic scenarios like battlefields and a raft going down a river. As for the music, there’s no words to describe how good it is! Please listen to this.

The rendition depicts two of my favourite characters in the game. Mitsurugi the wandering Samurai clashing blades with it’s rival Huang the South Korean Warrior on the Desert Path under the spectating moonlight!

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