Need-for-Speed-III-PSX-Scre Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on Playstation Screen Need for Speed III Screenshot

Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit by Electronic Arts was a great racing game for its time and incorporated the Police as a major element to the gameplay..if enabled.

The Police chase the player, they are able to create blockades which was a big difference to other more “traditional” racers like Ridge Racer. The game featured some of the fastest and most expensive cars while it had a big variation of racing tracks as well. It was the first Need for Speed game to receive a direct sequel with Hot Pursuit II years later and also NFS Hot Pursuit in 2010.

Need For Speed 3 PSX Tribute Cover

 Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit Playstation Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

 Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit by Angel Athena

“Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit it has an exhilarating sense of speed, clean and beautiful graphics, polished production values, and trackloads of unadulterated fun. But mostly ..the range of cars is a fascinating gallery of every car enthusiast’s dream vehicles.
The single-player game modes, my favorite is hot pursuit. You aren’t only trying to outrace an opponent, but also escape the pursuing cops or you can play the cop in pursuit. The radio chatter alerting you to the cop’s presence and their strategies, sounded awesome. In my imagination, it was a cop xD

Other of my memories of playing this game can also be summarized in “I’ll take revenge!”


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