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Final Fantasy IX, the third big FF game on the PSX was a huge difference to the previous two Final Fantasy games and kinda a back to the roots style FF. And loved by many fans of the series even today, 14 years later for exactly that case.

Gone were the twisted main protagonists, the draw battle system from FFVIII and instead it was all about fighting to rescue the world before crazy villains would destroy it.

The game is four discs big, full of cinematics which are still amazing, it had another great soundtrack by Nobue Uematsu and basically combined everything we want ..and expect from a great Final Fantasy game. I read it multiple times that FFIX is seen as the last “real” FF.

I can’t completely disagree there.

Final Fantasy IX was claimed by three artists in no time for the PSX Anniversary Tribute, I also asked Mike Williams about using his take on the protagonists of the game (its just so fitting!)

Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy 9 Playstation Art Tribute on Game Art HQ

Final Fantasy 9 by Mizueyes777

“I would have to say that FFIX has to be my favorite out of all the final fantasy that i have played. the reasons are because of the story line, rich character personalities and gameplay.

The creative story of the game graves your attention and doesn’t let go till the very end. even after you beat the game, you’re so mesmerized at how creative the story was that you don’t mind playing it again multiple times.

Not to mention how complex the personality of the characters are in the game, which was a big step for game development back in 1999. Also it helps that the battle sequence was challenging too.”


Final Fantasy IX Playstation Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Remembering Final Fantasy IX by Fredrik Mattsson

“Final Fantasy IX, one of the foremost of roleplays to date to my taste. Following Zidane Tribal and his oddest variety of followers and friends through an epic adventure you never want to end, and almost never does.

The character-gallery charming as it may, still may be odd but so straggly it will touch everyone at some point throughout the widespread story. What’s the meaning of existence, being a loyal servant and will she ever find her love again? and much more.”


The Main Protagonists of Final Fantasy IX

by Mike Williams


So, I’ve finally given my favourite game a proper tribute, and here it is, something I’ve been using all my art time to create.

The composition was quite difficult to begin with, the character placements were completely different to how they’ve turned out here and that was one of the main problems, figuring out where everything goes.
I tried to go for a more stylised look with that characters and just letting the sketches flow to what my mind was thinking at the time, you can see it in some places, mainly Vivi’s slight bump in is face where a nose should go, giving him some character to the black void that black mages have for faces.

So happy with how this turned out. I hope other fans enjoy what I’ve done!

Final Fantasy IX PSX Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute

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