The Playstation game port of 007 The World is not Enough for the Playstation is a first person shooter developed by Black Ops Entertainment for Electronic Arts in the year 2000 and while it was not a Goldeneye like game with a big focus on the multiplayer modes, it was a pretty cool mix of shooting, a bit stealth and logical thinking, that all with the addition of the James Bond License ..a good budget behind it and the many really fun gadgets Bond could use in the movie.

It was a total surprise however that this late PSX game got chosen for our art collaboration.

After 007 TWINE and Tomorrow Never Dies, the Playstation also got 007 Racer, a game which focused on the action loaded pursuit and racing scenes in many Bond movies.

007 The World is Not Enough psx cover


007 The World Is Not Enought Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

007 The World Is Not Enough by Abel M’Vada


After the success of GoldenEye for the N64, it was obvious to everyone that James Bond and first-person shooters go together like vodka and vermouth. 007 TWINE for the PSX largely carries on that superspy tradition of guns and gadgetry, villains and vixens.

Consequently I have many fond memories of stealthily moving through levels, dispatching mercenaries with a sniper rifle (or my trusty Q-watch), or of racing against the clock trying to find and disarm a bomb whilst avoiding a hail of bullets from evil-intentioned henchmen.

The PSX had many great games, but as a Bond fan, this will always be one of my favorites. Plus, I’m madly, wildly in love with Sophie Marceau (well, who isn’t?).

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