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Final Fantasy Tactics was the first spinoff game of the FF series If I remember it right and was released back in June 1997 for the Sony Playstation.

Unlike the other Final Fantasy games, FFT is a strategical RPG with the plays units and enemies moving in rounds on a map. Every character or job class has different abilities and even parameters like the height where a character was placed played a role. Sometimes the big challenge in a map were that enemy archers would be unreachable for normal attacks as example until the player’s units reach a certain spot on the map.

Final Fantasy Tactics also told an awesome story set in Ivalice, the world which would many years later be visited again in Final Fantasy XII.

FFT got a few spinoff games on the Gameboy Advance but no real sequel was ever developed so far. The game got ported to the Playstation Portable though.



Final Fantasy Tactics Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art HQ

The Manipulator and The Valiant

by Nummonkee

Since I got into gaming later than most, I have actually never owned a Playstation 1, but I’ve always appreciated old school games and how much they were able to accomplish with limited hardware. One day, I was thinking of which game to play next. I decided on a plain case with “Final Fantasy Tactics” written on it in marker, a game my husband bought from a movie rental store years ago and gave up on before finishing the prologue.

My only experience with turn-based strategy games was the Fire Emblem Awakening demo, so FFT was challenging to say the least. At first, I spent all my job points wrong and because of that, important fights like Fort Zeakden actually ended up being the desperate struggles they were meant to be for Ramza and Delita.

This is one of the few games where I was so drawn in by the story that the last thing I wanted to do was master all the abilities and buy all the items (very unlike me). I wanted to see if Delita was a good person who believed that the end justified the means (as I believed) or the cold manipulator who would kill his best friend had he needed it.

I wanted to see how much Ramza would sacrifice to follow his convictions. This picture is showing Delita as the king who has lost everyone, including himself, and Ramza as the forgotten hero who lost everyone but one person, both in an attempt to bring peace to Ivalice.

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