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Final Fantasy VII was quite a revolution for RPG’s. Unlike other games of the genre before, it used pre-rendered backgrounds, characters in 3D graphics in battle and on the fields and had much better graphics than any similar games else back in early 1997.

The game tells a story about saving the world of course but did it was dramatic story changes, shown through cgi movies and the help of three discs which were full with content.

Final Fantasy VII is till today known as one of the best games of the series and got more spin-off games than any other Final Fantasy game, fans still hope that FFVII would get a real remake.

Final Fantasy VII PSX Tribute Cover Art


Final Fantasy VII Party Members for the Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

The Final Fantasy VII Party Members

by Siga4BDN


“I think for me the first Playstation console has forever been branded as the JRPG machine. Being too young to buy my own games I was solely reliant on my older brother to bag the good titles, he was a JRPG fanatic so yeah, that’s how it went down.

As a result it shall forever be tied to dreams of distant lands, intricate plotlines and awesome monsters/characters.

Enter Final Fantasy VII, this was actually the first game I had actually laid eyes on for the Playstation, it blew my tiny little brain. Those beautiful pre rendered backgrounds, incredible battle animations and that sweet dynamic camera movement during battle.

This was absolute eye candy for me, a lot of people hate the turn based battle system but I loved it at the time, still do now. Top that off with a soundtrack created by a musical god and an awesome cast of characters and you have a delicious JRPG sandwich to fill ya gut, and I was satisfied after that one.”



Final Fantasy VII

by Kirihara-Kiriya31


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