Silent Hill PSX Intro Screenshot of Harry Mason Silent Hill Steel Pipe PSX Silent Hill Screenshot

Silent Hill was first released in January 1999 in the USA and I imported it at that time since European versions were often released many months later, 8 months in the case of Silent Hill so I did not regret the extra costs for importing this fine gem of a scary survival horror adventure.

Konami was very successful with games like Metal Gear Solid at the time and it was no surprise that their first step into the horror genre would be great as well. It was directed by Keiichiro Toyama and the music was composed by the outstanding Akira Yamaoka.

The story about Harry Mason who searches his daughter Cheryl in Silent Hill, a city which is always covered in fog and full of dark secrets which have to be uncovered is exciting from the start to the end and personally I found this game a ton scarier than the most other horror games out there.

Silent Hill got multiple sequels and even a Remake, there are also two movies about the franchise with the first one being named as one of the best video game movies ever.



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