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Naughty Dog created three great Crash Bandicoot games already on the Playstation, in September 1999 they surprised the world with Crash Bandicoot Racing which was later often called “The Mario Kart for Playstation”

CTR is till today a really enjoyable great kart racing game for up to four players, the graphics were detailed and colorful, the action fast and the controls simply flawless.

If Sony and Naughty Dog would have kept the Crash Bandicoot copyrights and would still develope those games, Mario Kart 8 would have a very strong competition beside Sonic All-Stars Racing. The Battle Mode was amazing.

Crash Team Racing was one of the best games in 1999 for the Playstation, and actually the first game which got claimed by an artist for our art collaboration!

Crash Team Racing Cover

Crash Team Racing Art for the Playstation Anniversary Tribute on Game-Art-HQ 

Crash Team Racing by Mihai Radu

‘The Playstation 1 was a big part of my teenage years because there was an Arcade close-by my school, where I would spend a lot of time with my best friends either playing or watching others play. And giving tips and critiques, or course.

Among all games, the Crash Bandicoot series was one of my favorites, I took Crash 3 to over 100% completion with the help of my best friend, but probably our favorite of the series was Crash Team Racing. I consider myself pretty good at it, which isn’t something I’d say for most games I play. My nr.1 character is N.Gin, his design always appealed to me, and his nerdy mad scientist personality. I put him on 2nd place in the illustration, but he has the Uka Uka mask speed buff, so I’m confident that he’s got this!’


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