BOF-III-Screenshot Breath of Fire III Screenshot Breath of Fire III Playstation

Breath of Fire III by Capcom was one of the new JRPG’s for the Sony Playstation which combined a more traditional look and feel with the new 32bit platform.

The game is very colorful and used mainly sprites instead of pre-rendered backgrounds or 3d based character models.

Like the earlier Breath of Fire Games, a story about Ryu, Nina and the Dragons was told and was met with mainly positive responses worldwide.

Personally I loved the fishing mini-game in BOF III as well, am most likely going to play it again when I am done with the Playstation Anniversary Project and have more time for gaming again!

The Breath of Fire series got 2 more games after this one and well..there is a free2play iOS game now as well, there are no indications that a Breath of Fire VI could be in development.

Breath of Fire III PSX Cover Art


Breath of Fire III Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

Breath of Fire III by Whitestar1802

“What I really loved about BoF3 was that great fantasy feel you don’t see much anymore.

A lot of RPGs have changed their formulas to fit modern audiences and I find often some of that fantasy is lost in the process.But BoF has that colorful, classic RPG feel you that defined 90’s rpg’s.

The characters are interesting and fun without feeling cheesy, the art direction for the game is superb, and the world is overflowing with creativity. There’s nothing to not like about it!


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