Kowloon’s Gate is a adventure game released in Japan only back in February 1997 already, totay its also availabe on the Japanese PSN Store. I never played this game and well, I leave the talking to the artists who claimed the probably most unpopular Playstation game for our Anniversary Tribute: Kowloon's Gate PSX Cover

 Kowloon's Gate Playstation Anniversary Art on Game-Art-HQ

Kowloon’s Gate by Sires Jan Black

“Unfortunately it was never released in the states, this game has everything; traditional chinese myths, magic, omens, odd items with unique uses, quirky (to say the absolute least) characters, philosophy, time travelling, dramatic storyline with comedy, tragedy, and romance. Add a dash of horror and grotesque to spice things up, and absolutely stunning environment of the Kowloon City with neon lights, pipes running wild amongst the graffiti and rusts. You can tell the project staff gave it all and created this sweet chaos. Common sense is utterly useless and that’s exactly my kind of escape I need.

This is one of the many experimental games that was published on a big name console. It started a legacy of big name titles because they were allowed to experiment a lot more freely, on an experimental platform different from a cartridge based gaming. To Final Fantasy to LSD Dream Emulator, it definitely marked a golden era of gaming. “

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