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Crash Bandicoot which was developed by Naughty Dog and published directly by Sony was basically seen as Sony’s answer to Mario 64 and their first big 3D Platformer. Crash was liked from the start and the game earned high review scores worldwide. Thje story about Crash Bandicoot and villains like Doctor Neo Cortex was as simple as Mario saving Princess Peach but still different enough to the competition.

In the game Crash runs in and out of the screen, sometimes there were traditional stages with him running from left to right as well and all of the stages were filled with secrets.

To me it is still a miracle why Sony did not buy the Crash Bandicoot rights after the series was very successful on the Playstation and spawned some of the best paltformers of its time and a truly outstanding Kart / Fun Racer with Crash Team Racing as well. Crash was seen by many as an unofficial Playstation Mascot.

Naughty Dog sticked to Sony though and are developing awesome games for the PS Brand till today!



Crash Bandicoot Playstation Anniversary Tribute on Game Art HQ

Crash Bandicoot Tribute by Shinragod

‘For me, the Original PlayStation was the first console where I truly gamed. At the time, Crash Bandicoot was Sony’s mascot starring in three solid games.

The first Crash Bandicoot was both fun and challenging; much like it was fun and challenging to complete this tribute piece to the first in the Crash Trilogy. I wanted to sum up the game’s entire progress in one piece; so I sort of divided up the piece into three sections representing the three islands Crash explored. From left to right we see the areas he visited, the bosses he met and ultimately embracing his main objective: Tawna.

The first Crash Bandicoot was both a test of early 3-D platforming and patience; especially finding all those gems. The trial and error process of getting all the gems in the first game was almost like an insanity test. Still it was from a time when we had colorful vibrant games with fun character designs; which really should make a comeback again.

The first PlayStation console is where I remember all the games that influenced me the most; Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. But amongst those that I still hold a nostalgic place for; Crash Bandicoot’s original game and the subsequent sequels to follow on the original PSX still rank up at the top.
This tribute piece shows how much I cared about the original. And I hope you all got something out of it like I got out of the game.’


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