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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile was released in December 1997 in Japan. I remember that well since I imported that game from there since I was a giant fan of everything Namco published at that time.

Klonoa is a damn beautiful 2,5D Platformer set in a world about Dreams and a lot of really cute characters. The gameplay is quite different from other platformers like Mario and Sonic since Klonoa can not just jump on his enemies but similar to those games, Klonoa has a great level design from the start to the end.

Really fun in this game was that Klonoa himself and almost all the enemies were animated in 2D while the stages are almost completely in 3D.

There are a couple of sequels and Klonoa: Door to Phantomile also got a remake for the Nintendo Wii and later Mobiles as well. It has been years now since a new Klonoa game was developed though.


 Klonoa Door to Phantomile PSX Playstation Anniversary Art Tribute on Game-Art-HQ

“Beginning of a great Adventure” by Alejandro Villada

 The Playstation was such a great system, it had tons of great and charming games, it was because of the PSX that i´m a fan of Final Fantasy, Megaman (my first one was megaman 8), Spyro, Crash, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and even the whole fighting games genre! (thanks to Street Fighter and Tekken).

Klonoa is a franchise i always loved, the designs, the art, the music, the gameplay… everything in them is incredible. In the first game was main character was already really cool and charismatic in both cutscenes and gameplay, the friendship with huepow was great and touching, and i still listen to its OST from time to time: Untamed Heart, Windmill Song, Blade and more, great stuff!


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