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Chocobo Racing was one of the many Playstation games by Squaresoft which were not J-RPG’s. Back in the nineties they tried out a lot of different game genre’s including even a few racing games, or like in this case, a Kart Racer about the Chocobo and his friends known from the Chocobo Dungeon games including that super cute Moogle and also a few very popular faces among the unlockable characters.

Each character uses a different vehicle there, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, I played this game personally back in 1999 and loved the big variation of the vehicles, weapons and tracks a lot.

This game had very nice graphics, music and was a pretty good first  fun-racer game by Square. It’s a shame that it never got the sequel which was once in development.

Chocobo Racing PSX Cover

 Chocobo Racing Playstation Anniversary Tribute

The Chocobo Experience By Leandro Herrera

Chocobo Racing was my second game for Playstation. The irony is that had never play any Final Fantasy before. The first time I played it was at a friend’s house in 2000, at this time I was 8 years old, the game was in Japanese and didn’t understand anything, but I liked. I loved her childish esthetic, his music and his characters (chocobos are just simply adorable). I don’t a take long time to learn the mechanics of the game, as it is easier on their bases.

However it was not until my 13’s when I discovered that the game, finished once, or several times beaten, unlocked hidden racers, that added a lot of replay value in my opinion.
A few years ago, in 2010, achieved to get the game on “English” and I finally know what the menu said and understand the story mode. Although it wasn’t like rediscovering the game but added more replay value :)

Until this day, chocobo racing remains as one of my favorite games, so I keep playing it from time to time. Today I enjoy it more than before, not only because I can see several elements of the Final Fantasy world spreads of here, but also because I enjoy reliving those good times he knew provide me with playstation.

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Chocobo Racing by Rissa-Chi

I chose Chocobo Racing for the Playstation Tribute because it brought so much fun during my childhood and definitely one of the best game I’ve played. but I never draw anything for it. When I saw this project and it has this game, I felt nostalgic and want to contribute something about it and here it is!


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