Brave Fencer Musashi Brave Fencer Musashiden Playstation Screenshot Brave Fencer Musashi PSX Stage 1

Brave Fencer Musashi is another one of the “untypical” games by Squaresoft during the 32bit era and was released in July 1998 in Japan and at Halloween in the USA..the game never made it to Europe.

Squaresoft tried out to develope fighting games and even shooters and a racing game on the Playstation while they were and still are mainly known for their big JRPG’s. Often they combined elements from role-playing games even with very other genres which was super rarely done before. The element like numbers appearing after getting hit as example are a thing here too.

In Brave Fencer Musashi, the player controls the protagonist Musashi who seems to be based on the historical person Miyamoto Musashi. BFM lays in a fantasy world however and Musashi is fencing and slashing his way through hordes of evildoers to eventually confront The Wizard of Darkness.

Playing BFM for this gallery made me wish Square-Enix would come up with new games of the series and something else than Final Fantasy, DragonWarrior and the Eidos Properties again.

Brave Fencer Musashi got a Playstation and a Mobile Phones Sequel.



Brave Fencer Musashi Playstation Art Anniversary on Game-Art-HQ

Brave Fencer Musashi by Hanzo Steinbach


“First time i booted up Brave Fencer Musashi,i knew i was in for a treat.At the time the graphics looked great,the voices were fun and the music had me captivated.

Of course being a long time fan of the Zelda series,i was always up for another action adventure game and luckily it delivered.And lets not forget that the Psone era were Square’s golden years,almost experimental in many ways.

Creating Fighting games like Ehrgeiz, Bushido Blade and Tobal Nr 1,kart games like Chocobo Racing to even their own shmup like the excellent Einhänder.

Square delivered quality games of nearly every genre at the time but that’s what i loved about the Playstation,it was a melting pot of brilliant game ideas.”

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