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Hello and Welcome to the 5th Round of Game-Art-HQ’s Link’s Blacklist, an Art Collaboration and Tribute to the Bosses and Enemies of the Legend of Zelda Series.


46 Artists participated in the 2015 Round to create outstanding illustrations of the Monsters.

This year, it was possible for the first time since summer 2012 when we started the Project that villains that were drawn before for it could get a second illustration.

Full main gallery will be online on the 19th October 2015

Aeralfos TP LB2015


Agahnim ALTTP LB2015


Aracha LB2015


Arrghus Zelda ALTTP LB2015


Bongo Bongo LB2015

Bongo Bongo

Composer Brothers LB2015

Composer Brothers

Dark Link Zelda II LB2015

Dark Link (Zelda II)

Dark Link OoT LB2015

Dark Link (OoT)

Darknut Zelda TP LB2015


Deku Scrub Zelda OoT LB2015

Deku Scrub

Demise LB2015


Ganon OoT LB2015

Ganon (Oot)

Ganondorf OoT LB2015

Ganondorf (OoT)

Ganon TP LB2015

Ganon (TP)

Ganondorf TP LB2015

Ganondorf (TP)


Link’s Blacklist was started in June 2012 after it won a Poll between four Art Collaboration ideas.

While it was first meant to be only one Round, the demand by Artists that wanted to be on board or create more than one submission for it and build it slowly up to a project that would cover the complete Legend of Zelda Bestiary was so high that we started the 2nd Round only 3 months after the first Link’s Blacklist was published here.


Garo MM LB2015


Gekko and Snapper LB2015

Gekko & Snapper

Gerudo Pirate MM LB2015

Gerudo Pirate

Ghirahim LB2015


Gohdan WW LB2015






Helmasaur King Zelda ALTTP LB2015

Helmasaur King

Jalhalla Zelda WW LB2015


Lizalfos LB2015


Majora's Wrath LB2015

Majora’s Wrath

Malladus Zelda ST LB2015


Miniblin Zelda WW LB2015




Moldorm Zelda ALBW LB2015



211 different Legend of Zelda Enemies and Bosses were illustrated in the five Link’s Blacklist Rounds so far.

This Round introduced 17 new characters including classic enemies like the River Zora or Gohma from the first Zelda but also a few very new enemies like Moldorm from Zelda:A Link Between Worlds.

While there will be annual Rounds for Link’s Blacklist still, we aim to cover all enemies now as well and start with the 19 remaining enemies from the classic Legend of Zelda.


Moon Children Zelda MM LB2015

Moon Children

Phantom Ganon OoT LB2015

Phantom Ganondorf

Queen Gohma OoT LB2015

Queen Gohma

River Zora LOZ LB2015

River Zora

Shadow Beast Zelda TP LB2015

Shadow Beast

Shadow Link FSA LB2015

Shadow Link

Skull Kid LB2015

Skull Kid

Skullrope Zelda ALBW LB2015


Skulltula Zelda OOT LB2015


Hyrule Soldier Zelda3 LB2015


Staldra LB2015


Stallord LB2015


Twinrova Zelda OoT LB2015


Volvagia OoT LB2015


White Wolfos Zelda TP LB2015

White Wolfos

Zant Zelda TP LB2015 


Thanks a lot for visiting Link’s Blacklist, we hope you liked our Artworks that are meant to tribute the Video Games we played and loved.

Thanks also @ everyone who ever worked on the Legend of Zelda games and made these Adventures possible for us to play and enjoy.


You can see Link’s Blacklist Main Gallery here



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