Moon Children Zelda Majora's Mask Link's Blacklist 2015
My contribution to the Link’s Blacklist in 2015. I did the Moon Children from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask this time!

I missed out on MM when it first came out on the Nintendo 64, so I was ecstatic when a remake came out on the 3DS and I absolutely loved it!! I hope I can replay it again before the end of the year… ;v;
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Aly K. Sasagawa aka Ruina from Japan is a part of the Link’s Blacklist Project since we started it back in June 2012, she contributed excellent takes on enemies like the Poe Sisters and the always grumpy Ingo from Ocarina of Time and now that she got into Majora’s Mask I am sure her take on the Moon Children won’t be her last participation in the Blacklist Project.

Moon Child 1 Moon Child 2 Moon Child 3 Moon Vhild 4 Moon Child Majora


The Moon Children are not really enemies in the Legend of Zelda but including them into our other Zelda Collaboration, the Link’s Friendlist would also not sound right lol,  

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