Moldorm Zelda A Link Between Worlds Link's Blacklist 2015

To make this drawing I based myself on the original artwork from ALttP and the design from ALBW, I think this boss is supposed to be some sort of centipede with weird green hair, so I decided to add some legs to it even if you can see them in the game.

It’s such a weird design, to be honest, what I see are a bunch of burger buns with lettuce chasing after Link.


CorvusRone from Uruguay is the first artist who drew the Worm-Like Moldorm finally as part of the Link’s Blacklist, and I am super glad that we have artists in our community that like the challenge to illustrate some of the unpopular and not so attractive to draw game characters.

She is on board Link’s Blacklist since the start and created multiple amazing artworks for it including the Angler Fish Boss from Zelda’s Awakening as example. Kudos @CR!



Moldorm Zelda ALBW Screenshot Boss Fight

Moldorm is a recurring enemy and boss in the Legend of Zelda series since the first game and saw a lot of visual redesigns over the time.

In Zelda: A Link Between Worlds he looks similar to his counterpart in A Link To The Past of course and the boss fight is also very similar. Link has mainly to avoid Moldorm so he won’t get knocked off the platform where the battle takes place. 

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