Skull Kid Zelda TP Link's Blacklist 2015

“Finally a perfect excuse to draw LOZ saghsjdksdfda
Skull Kid’s battle wasn’t my fav in TP (the other bosses are just too awesome imo ahaha), but I adore the setting in the Lost Woods and this character’s designs in OOT/MM/TP so I chose to draw him~ *u*

I managed to play some ALBW this year and that’s the last time I’ve touched a LOZ game ;v;;

I still don’t know anything about Hyrule Warriors.
Thank you very much for looking~!”

Anokazue participated in Link’s Blacklist with a couple of amazing submissions already and I hope his take on TP’s Skull Kid won’t be the last one, we have still a lot to do to get Link’s Blacklist completed!


SkullKid TP

This is the 2nd illustration of the Skull Kid in its design from Zelda: Twilight Princess, you can see its main gallery here  

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