Aracha Zelda Skyward Sword Link's Blacklist 2015

“I chose the Aracha from Skyward Sword, because for some crazy reason—despite my crippling fear of all things bug—they are my favorite enemies in the game. It has something to do with their adorable little squeak-spaz reaction to seeing Link. They’re like excitable sand-kittens. …Who want to kill you.

Cute as they are, I was certainly taken by surprise in Lanayru Gorge when I walked into a cave to be greeted by fifty or so of the things clinging to the walls and ceiling. Even as I yelled and flailed the controller there was still a piece of me going, “Nyawwww!” 

Art-Zealot from the USA participated in multiple GA-HQ Art Collaborations already and drew the Aracha as her second contribution to Link’s Blacklist after the Deadrock from ALBW last year. 


Aracha Zelda SS 

The Aracha are small scorpion like creatures that debuted in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

where they are among the weakest enemies in the game and can easily be slashed down. 

They are mostly found in the caves and dungeons of the game and are only a threat for Link if they come in large numbers. 

Aracha grow into Molderach’s though if they survive a millennium, three of them are encountered as Bosses in Skyward Sword.

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