Demise Skyward Sword Link's Blacklist 2015

I’m really glad I could draw Demise the main antagonist from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword this time!  I normally tend to pick smaller or less well-known/popular enemies like the Miniblins in the past but this time it had to be him!

I knew I wanted to use the color scheme from the final battle, it’s so beautiful and the rain really adds to the atmosphere!

I still remember how when I first saw his character design, I really didn’t like it and was hoping he wouldn’t take up too much “screentime”
Since the Zelda games are not known to subvert things or be innovative when it comes to the basic plot I was very surprised when he turned out not a mindless brute or monster like Ganon but actually a very polite person. 
Someone who seems to have respect for his enemies, even those who defeated him in the past.
And ingame he looks quite different than on the artwork despite both being just pictures of his ingame model.  His flaming hair paticularly looks stunning in motion! 


Bleachbender from Belgium is a part of Link’s Blacklist since the start, his take on Demise is his 6th artwork for the project already and indeed the first time that he took one of the main antagonists of the Zelda games. Am looking forward to have him on board this community for a long time hopefully!

Demise Render

 This is our third illustration of Demise in Link’s Blacklist, you can see the other two on his main gallery here  

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