Miniblin Zelda Wind Waker Link's Blacklist 2015

“I managed to grab my absolute favourite Legend of Zelda enemy, the Miniblin from Zelda: The Wind Waker.

I’ve said it before, I say it again, I love imps and these little devils managed to poke my heart with their pitchforks. They might not be too threatening alone but they always hunt in packs so the hero of the wind might need to reconsider if it’s wise to fight them (especially if you’re still missing your sword).”


The Miniblin’s are totally some of the cutest enemies in the whole Legend of Zelda series and I am not even sure they really belong on the Blacklist, at least I myself was always trying to avoid killing these loveable little guys ūüôā

TamarinFrog from Finland is one of the artists that are featured on GA-HQ since years and also became active contributors with the time. She created a good handful of artworks for our art collaborations already but her take on the Miniblins is her first one for the Blacklist!

This is our 2nd illustration of the Miniblin’s now, you can see their main gallery here ¬†

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