Ganon Beast Zelda Twilight Princess Art Link's Blacklist 2015

This is our second illustration of Ganon and the Final Battle in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but unlike the first one and the majority of the submissions in Link’s Blacklist this was actually made in paper.

I asked the artist, Mizueyes777 about the process of this creation:

“The background was made from using bleach, water, ink and acrylic paint. i drew the design on tracing paper, and duplicated it a few times so i could use the papers on different shades of other paper. doing so because i am going to layer the tracing paper over and cut into both of them so i need the design multiple times.

Then i cut them out with an execto knife, layered the other shades together and glue them. then after it dried i glued the illustrations on the background piece.

This isn’t my art piece but it shows the similar process of how i make my paper art illustrations. “

 Ganon in his big Boar-Beast form from Zelda TP was drawn two times already now, you can see his main article here  

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