Jalhalla Zelda Wind Waker Link's Blacklist 2015

“Ok then, Here’s the boss of the Earth Temple Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Jalhalla is some kind of a Legion of poes gathered with the power of the mask that the gigantic ghost wears. so, I wanted to do it like an evaporating obscure shadow, that only becomes tangible after getting long exposed to sunlight, also the mask and the lamp he wears, are the only properly physical objects on him.

There’s a little wink on the image to the acts of Jalhalla in history of the Wind Waker, something that is said and that they didn’t show, did you seen it?

Done with water colors and ink over cardboard”


Rhafiel from Mexico is a long-time GA-HQ Contributor and on board the Link’s Blacklist since years now, his submissions are always made with traditional tools like the watercolors, ink, pencils on paper but are also usually very detailed. We are glad to have him in our community and see him participating in our art projects again!

Jalhalla from Zelda Wind Waker

Jalhalla is the leader of the Poe’s in Zelda: The Wind Waker and as mentioned also the Boss of the Earth Temple Dungeon. While he looks very big, he is as light as a feather and Link can take and throw him into the spikes on the ground if he was able to light Jalhalla with the Mirror Shield before.

Jalhalla uses all kinds of attacks of course against Link like fireballs, or trying to push him against the spikes. It will also cause confusion for Link if he touches Jalhalla before using the Mirror Shield.


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