Arrghus A Link To The Past Link's Blacklist 2015
“Time for some Hoooookshooooot!

Super cool boss from a super cool game. His design, color, motion, and strategy was a highlight boss fight in A Link to the Past. And what better way to instruct you of the combat possibilities for the Hookshot?” 

Arrghus ALTTP Battle

Eric “SuperEdco” DeSantis from the USA is a long-time Game-Art-HQ Contributor, Arrghus is actually his third submission to Link’s Blacklist already after he drew the Desbreko from Majora’s Mask and the Buzzblob that was also from Zelda: A Link Of The Past


Arrghus Zelda ALTTP

This is the second time that Arrghus was drawn for Link’s Blacklist, you can see its main gallery here.



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