Composer Brothers Zelda OoT Link's Blacklist 2015
“I was quite happy to finally be a part of ‘Game-Art-HQ’s most popular art collaboration “Link’s Blacklist”!

 This being my first chance to contribute, I chose the Composer Brothers as I was always fond of their backstory. They show up in both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, but from what I found, their designs weren’t all that different between the games. So I decided to give them a little more variety for the sake of diversity and interest.

Meet the Composer Brothers in Zelda OoT Screenshot

I had a lot of fun with this picture. I tried to let myself be more loose with the outlining and colouring thus giving the picture an off-putting vibe. Even though their design is originally muted, I still wanted to have a lot of colour.

I think, in the end, I achieved what I was wanting. I may pursue this method in later pictures as I find my default technique to be too restrictive. All in all, these guys are fun in the games and they were a hoot to draw here.”


Amanda J. Belaire aka ImmortalTanuki from Canada is a Game-Art-HQ Contributor since over a year now and drew a couple of amazing submissions for our other projects like Mario’s Blacklist before and also likes to be challenged with difficult video game fan art tasks sometimes! 😉


Sharp from the Composer Brothers in Zelda

Sharp the Elder

Flat from the Composer Brothers in Zelda

Flat the Younger

Sharp and Flat, the Composer Brothers served the Royal Family of Hyrule during their lifetime and while they attack Link at the first encounter they are not really bad guys and help Link to obtain the Sun’s Song Melody for his Ocarina.



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