River Zora Legend of Zelda Link's Blacklist 2015
The River Zora from the classic Legend of Zelda drawn by Apathie


When we start a new Round of Link’s Blacklist we are usually first inviting Artists that contributed to the Project 

before already and we know that they will be interested to return to it, but we also offer around 10-20 spots for

Artists that are new in the GA-HQ Community on deviantART. One of them this year was Apathie who catched

my personal interest a while ago with his take on Ramuh from Final Fantasy XI.

Ramuh thumb fan art portrait


River Zora Original Art Legend of Zelda Scan

 The Zora’s, also called Zola’s sometimes are recurring enemies in the Legend of Zelda games and can be found in almost every river or sea nearby the Death Mountain in the original Legend of Zelda. They spit at Link from the Water, their attack can only be blocked with the Magical Shield.  

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