White Wolfos Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

Finally my fith entry for the Link’s Blacklist project by Game-Art-HQ  :aww:

My interpretation of the White Wolfos as they appear in Twilight Princess. I decided to draw them in a more realistic way, so they now look more like real wolfs with an ice mane and tail.

These enemies caught me off guard a few times ;D they can ambush Link and attack from under the snow. I tried to show the battle scene from Midnas point of view, while Link fights with one of the pack members.

I experienced a few difficulties with simulating ice, so I mixed some styles…^^;


Zelda-Freak91 is one of the artists that are a part of Link’s Blacklist now since it started back in summer 2012. She was also one of the youngest artists on board and you could see how she got more and more experienced every year and added more details, light and shadow effects etc. Am glad she is always on board!


The White Wolfos from Twilight Princess were drawn for the second time now, you can see their main gallery in Link’s Blacklist here

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