Gohma Legend of Zelda Link's Blacklist

That’s right Link, use the Arrows to hit the big eye of the giant Gohma that resides in the 6th Dungeon of the classic Legend of Zelda!


“This is my entry for the 2015 round of the Link’s Blacklist on Game-Art-HQ

Gohma is fought on the 6th dungeon called “The Dragon”, its hidden underground near the graveyard and death mountain.

This ancient dungeon is very dark and it is filled with sand a perfect place for Gohma to dwell.

The Gohma can move very fast and Link needs to be faster to evade its deadly claws while trying to put an arrow on Gohma’s eye, fortunately the magical shield helps him to deflect the beams coming from Gohma’s eye.

Made everything from zero, rendering 6 hours and post edition.”

Gohma Classic Art from Legend of Zelda

Efraimrdz from Mexico created multiple breath-taking illustrations for Link’s Blacklist and a few other of our  other art collaborations. Instead of using the more traditional ways like drawing and painting, you can see that he is experienced with 3D software which resulted in some of the most detailed fan artworks ever made for these classic Legend of Zelda characters.

I totally recommend to check out his whole portfolio there on dA!


Gohma Classic Legend of Zelda NES Stage 6 Boss Screenshot

If you can hit the Gohma with just one arrow in its big eye, you won the fight already. Just every boss needs to have its big weakness..and especially giant crabs…..rite?

It sounds easy to defeat her, but the Gohma has her eye closed often and also shoots some massive beams at Link, it sure is no easy fight, especially at the first time.

The Gohma, later also called Queen Gohma returned in almost half of all Legend of Zelda games as a boss.


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Amogohma Zelda TP for Link's Blacklist

Amogohma (TP)


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