Gohma Legend of Zelda Link's Blacklist

“This is my entry for the 2015 round of the Link’s Blacklist on Game-Art-HQ

Gohma is fought on the 6th dungeon called “The Dragon”, its hidden underground near the graveyard and death mountain.

This ancient dungeon is very dark and it is filled with sand a perfect place for Gohma to dwell.

The Gohma can move very fast and Link needs to be faster to evade its deadly claws while trying to put an arrow on Gohma’s eye, fortunately the magical shield helps him to deflect the beams coming from Gohma’s eye.

Made everything from zero, rendering 6 hours and post edition.”


EfraimRDZ from Mexico is a long-time GA-HQ Contributor and submitted over a handful artworks that were made with different 3D programmes instead of being completely drawn.

He revived a couple of the classic Legend of Zelda bosses already and the Gohma is sure not his last one. Personally I would love to see a real Remake of the Legend of Zelda that would look as good as these artworks.

Gohma Classic Art from Legend of Zelda


Gohma Classic Legend of Zelda NES Stage 6 Boss Screenshot

Gohma became a recurring Boss in the Legend of Zelda series and its visual 

design changed drastically with the time.

In the classic Zelda Gohma looks and moves like a Crab with one big eye that is

also its weak point, one arrow kills Gohma in the normal quest already.

In the Master Quest, Gohma is blue like in our first illustration of it and

needs three Arrows to defeat it.

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