Zant Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Blacklist 2015

My entry for the newest round of Link’s Blacklist, organised by Game-Art-HQ.
I tried to create a scene instead of just having the character on a coloured background.
I always liked the design of Zant in Zelda: Twilight Princess and his crazy helmet, so decided to go for this character in this round.

Done in Photoshop CS6 in about 8 hours.


Mike “Sarrus” Williams from the UK is a part of Link’s Blacklist and Game-Art-HQ now since years and almost every time on board when we try to tribute a video game through fan art. His next submission is one of the enemies from the Metal Slug games by SNK.

 This was our second illustration of Zant, you can see his main gallery in Link’s Blacklist here

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