Skullrope Zelda A Link Between Worlds Link's Blacklist 2015
The Skullrope is only a minor enemy type in the Legend of Zelda games, and not halfway as menacing in the games as it looks in the latest Link’s Blacklist submission by Chris “Xland333″Hegland. This piece is probably the scariest fan art drawn for Link’s Blacklist in the 2015 Round and the most detailed artwork ever created about the Skullrope. Awesome work @Chris!


The Skullropes are a variation of the Snake-like Rope enemies in the Legend of Zelda Series.

They made their debut in only one location in Zelda: ALTTP but returned in multiple dungeons of Zelda: ALBW.

They behave the same as the normal Ropes, their only form of attack is to ramming Link which causes only minimal 

damage. Their main difference to the Ropes is the Skull on their heads. 




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