Helmasaur King Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Link's Blacklist 2015

“So here’s my contribution to this year’s Link’s Blacklist the: KING HELMASAUR KING nom nom nom.

Pretty much my favorite boss from my favorite Zelda title, A Link to the Past. I hope you like it!

I had to do some crazy 3D modeling in Cad to get this scene set up the way I wanted it, that may become kind of a regular thing until I get the hang of perspective. I tried to mess around with this complementary color scheme, but the whole thing ended up orange anyway. :P

Was very excited to finally get in on Link’s Blacklist. Thanks GA HQ, you guys rock!”


Cronoan is an active member of the Game-Art-HQ Community now for almost two years, and participated in multiple of our projects, however this was her first Link’s Blacklist Contribution

  Nah, Heather, we don’t rock really, we have just fun building up this art collaboration, this website, this community on deviantART and create video game related art and give our favourite games a spotlight through our different talents!

Thanks a lot for participating and choosing the Helmasaur King which was always one of my favourite Zelda bosses too since I saw this beast the first time in an SNES TV commercial and was amazed about how big and well animated it is in comparison to the enemies on NES I grew up with. *5*


This is our second illustration of the Helmasaur King now, you can see its main gallery here  

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