Majora's Wrath Link's Blacklist 2015

“Last year I did a Gerudo Pirate and this year I managed to snag Majora’s Wrath!

This was a hell of a ride to complete and was redrawn about 4 times in the months I have had it.”


Paper-Plate’s second submission to Link’s Blacklist looks indeed like a hell of a job and is also one of his most detailed works I’ve seen so far in general. Majora’s Wrath looks as menacing as it should! Thanks for being on board again Peter!


Majora’s Wrath is the final form of Majora’s Mask in the game and also the final boss there.

Link has to use a projectile weapon to stun it first and hurt it now with a Light Arrow or directly with the Sword.

Congratulations, if you beat The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask yo u played through one of the most difficult Zelda games!

Majoras Wrath Render thumb

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