Taillow used Secret Power by freqrexy

Bev Wooff / Freqrexy from the United Kingdom creates art for 13 years already and joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May already. In the end, she contributed not less than eight of the 151 Pokemon for it in 2016 and returned with four Pokemon in our Gen II Tribute and another stunning 16! of the 135 Gen III Pokemon, making her the direct “rival” of Yggdrassal, the only other artists in our community who ever contributed 16 Pokemon for one of the Generation tributes!

She is also one of the GA-HQ Patreon Supporters and helps me to create the galleries by writing the descriptions of many of the Pokemon and the illustrated moves and abilities ūüôā¬†

You can see a lot of drawn art but also crafted items and even cosplay in her gallery here!

Secret Power

‚ÄúAn attack that may have an additional effect that varies with the terrain.‚ÄĚ

 Secret Power is a Normal-Type move that was introduced in the Generation III Pokemon games.

The damage inflicted by this move varies by environment. There is a 30% chance that a secondary effect will be added to the attack, which also changes the damage and animation of the move. This would also vary on future iterations of future games.

Taillow using Toxic by Hedgey

Hedgey aka Gina from the UK  is another one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ in May 2016 to participate in the Pokémon Tribute. She started with a super cute take on Meowth, and also created a truly epic Ditto illustration for this project. She returned in both our Generation II and III Tributes with a couple of excellent illustrations again and is also on board on our upcoming Gen IV Project as well!

She also draws a ton of stuff including more Pokémon related art on dA, you should visit her whole gallery here!


“A technique that badly poisons the target. The amount of damage from the poison increases every turn”

Toxic is not directly damage dealing but it is a strong Poison-type move that will drain the energy from the opponent, one of the few cures against it is to use Haze or having the Immunity ability. 

While its accuracy started with an 85% rating in the classic Pokemon games, it was increased to 90 in the Generation V games. Gloom was actually the first Pokemon in our series of Pokemon Art Collaborations that used this move in our Projects.

#276 Taillow

“Taillow courageously stands its ground against foes, however strong they may be. This gutsy Pok√©mon will remain defiant even after a loss. On the other hand, it cries loudly if it becomes hungry. “

Taillow is a dual normal / flying type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.  It ultimately evolves into Swellow at level 22.

A charming but tough swallow type Pokemon, Taillows are fast Pokemon with amazing endurance. Their bright red markings and split tails easily distinguish them from other Bird-Types. Unlike most common Bird-Type Pokemon like Pidgey and Starly; Taillow only has one more form to evolve into and it is that of Swellow. But the ultimate form is just as hardy and dangerous a foe to those who try and attack it.

Ash’s Taillow ultimately did evolve into Swellow and proved to be among the most agile and toughest of his Bird Pokemon. Taillow’s main diet consists of Wurmples, but they have been known to eat entire crops in huge flocks. When they are hungry they will cry loudly until they are fed.


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