Shiftry using Ominous Wind by LukeTheRipper

Luke the Ripper from Poland is on board Game-Art-HQ since over 3 years now and contributed over ten pieces in his unique “Tribal” style for multiple projects ranging from the Fighting Game Projects to Link’s Blacklist and now both of our Pokemon Art Collaborations!

Luke was actually one of the artists that asked for a Pokemon Project by our community a long time ago already, and I was glad we could finally start one in 2016 ūüôā

He is a part of all of our Generation based Pokemon Tributes of course, including the just-announced Gen IV Project as well!

If you like his style, quickly head over to his gallery on dA which you can find here!

Ominous Wind

“The user blasts the target with a gust of repulsive wind. It may also raise all the user’s stats at once.”

Ominous Wind is a Ghost-type Pokémon move introduced in Generation IV.  Just like Ancient Power, it has a power rating of 60, an accuracy rating of 100%, can hit all battlers around it including allies, and has a 10% of boosting its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed by 1 stage each.

Ominous Wind has only been available as a Move Tutor move in Generation IV – and Shiftry was one of a good number of Pok√©mon that could learn it by that method, but otherwise can’t learn it either naturally or by breeding.


Shiftry using Razor Wind by theSadSrook

TheSadSrook is one of the new artists on board our big Pokemon Projects and he started in Summer with his take on Shiftry to continue with Yanmega from Gen IV in January 2019, it was one of the first claimed slots in our upcoming  Tribute!


You can see a lot more in his gallery on dA especially if you are interested in Ink-Art you should check it out!

Razor Wind

“A two-turn attack. Blades of wind hit opposing Pok√©mon on the second turn. Critical hits land more easily.”

Razor Wind is a Normal-type Pok√©mon move that has been around since the beginning.¬† It’s a two-turn move that has them charging up a whirlwind on the first turn, then dealing damage with it on the second.¬† It has a power rating of 80 and started out with a 75% accuracy rating in Generation I, but that increased to 100 in Generation III and gained a high critical hit ratio starting from Generation II.

Shiftry can’t learn the move naturally, but its previous evolution Nuzleaf can learn it at level 37 (20 in ORAS).



#275 Shiftry

“It¬†is said to arrive on chilly, wintry winds. Feared from long ago as the guardian of forests, this Pok√©mon lives in a deep forest where people do not venture.”

Shiftry is a dual grass / dark type Pokémon and the final form of Seedot, evolving from Nuzleaf via exposure to a Leaf Stone.  Just like its previous evolutions, it dwells in thick, dense forests.

Their homes changed a lot since their previous form, as they move on to the tops of giant trees that are thousands of years old.¬† They are feared as forest guardians and can read their opponent’s minds, often staying one step ahead of them.¬† Its primary method of attack is with the leafy fans on its arms, which can create cold winds and destroy anything around it by building up gusts of up to 110 kilometers per hour.

For Shiftry’s first appearance in the anim√©, one of them subdued a Nurse Joy in a Pok√©mon Center with Sleep Powder and took it to its forest treetop home, where a Nuzleaf had fallen sick.¬† Obviously, there was a misunderstanding when Ash’s group went over to rescue her and a three-way battle ensued between him, Shiftry and Team Rocket.¬† Ultimately, Nurse Joy stepped in to stop the Shiftry from fighting – and together, they treated the ailing Nuzleaf, which was back on its feet by the following morning.


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