Milotic using Aqua Ring by Hedgey

Hedgey aka Gina from the UK  is another one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ in May 2016 to participate in the Pokémon Tribute. She started with a super cute take on Meowth, and also created a truly epic Ditto illustration for this project. She returned in both our Generation II and III Tributes with a couple of excellent illustrations again and is also on board on our upcoming Gen IV Project as well!

She also draws a ton of stuff including more Pokémon related art on dA, you should visit her whole gallery here!

Aqua Ring

“The user envelops itself in a veil made of water. It regains some HP every turn”

While it does not deal any damage, the Aqua Ring can be a very useful move that works like a Regen in Final Fantasy and heals around 1/16 of the HP of the casting Pokemon at every turn.

Aqua Ring was introduced in the Gen. V Pokemon games. And four of the currently 251 Pokemon in our Tribute are using it 🙂


Milotic using Recover by EvanRank

EvanRank is one of the new German artists that are on board Game-Art-HQ and the Pokemon Tributes since 2018!

She contributed not less than three illustrations for our third Pokemon Collaboration starting with his take on Milotic performing the Recover move, followed by Latios and finally the last one of the Generation III Pokemon, the Legendary Deoxys.

Have a good look at the whole gallery of this artist here!



“Half of the user’s maximum HP is restored. Few Pokémon learn this move on their own”

Recover is available since the first Pokemon games and a strong Cure-like move that regenerates up to 50% of the users HP when used.

Kadabra is actually the first  Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn this move.

#350 Milotic

“Milotic live at the bottom of large lakes. When this Pokémon’s body glows a vivid pink, it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to troubled hearts”


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