Makuhita using Smelling Salts by freqrexy


Smelling Salts

“This attack inflicts double damage on a target with paralysis. It also cures the target’s paralysis, however.”

Smelling Salts is a damage dealing normal type move that debuted in Generation III.  It has a 100% accuracy rating and deals damage with a 70 base power rating (60 before Generation VI), however its damage gets doubled if the target has paralysis.  It does however cure them from their paralysis.

Only the Makuhita line can learn the move naturally, with the Pokémon itself learning it at level 31 (22 since Generation IV, or 28 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).


Makuhita using Heavy Slam by brzozod526

Heavy Slam

“The user slams into the target with its heavy body. The more the user outweighs the target, the greater its damage.”

Heavy Slam is a damage dealing steel type move introduced in Generation V.  Similar to moves like Low Kick and Grass Knot, the damage dealt depends on the weight of the target; but unlike the aforementioned two moves, greater damage is dealt on lighter targets – and from Generation VII the damage is doubled if the target had already used Minimize in battle!

Makuhita has been able to learn the move at level 46 since its introduction in Black and White.


#296 Makuhita

“It loves to toughen up its body above all else. If you hear quaking rumbles in a cave, it is the sound of Makuhita undertaking strenuous training.”

Makuhita is a pure fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Ruby and Sapphire.  It evolves into Hariyama at level 24 and are often seen in the mountains.

They get stronger by going through vigorous training – they do so first thing in the morning, eat and nap in the afternoon, then train more afterwards.  Its most common method is slamming itself into thick trees, leaving those closer to their nest in a snapped wreck.  When in battle, they never give up hope – they can hold back attacks handily, and most times they get knocked down, they get back up and fight again.  This tenacious spirit allows them to build up more energy for its future evolution.  They are really popular in the Alola region, where they sometimes mistake Exeggutor for trees to train on and get thrown far away.

Obviously the most important Makuhita belongs to Brawly, the Gym Leader of Dewford Town.  In both the animé and manga, Makuhita tenaciously fought against all challengers and gained enough energy to evolve mid-battle, meanwhile in Pokémon Emerald, it would go on to evolve before the first post-game rematch.  In the animé, it had a weakness with its feet, which Ash exploited during his second attempt for the Knuckle Badge.



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