Arbok used Poison Sting by MuddyTiger

MuddyTiger joined Game-Art-HQ this year and debuted with her take on Arbok which looked a lot more realistic and intimidating than the original design. After that one she drew Machoke and eventually also Blastoise, Graveler is her last one in the Gen I Tribute but I am pretty sure she will be back for more in 2017 when we will continue with Generation II!



“The user stabs the target with a poisonous stinger. This may also poison the target”

The Poison Sting is one of the first Poison-type moves Arbok can use. It is damage dealing and also has a 30% chance of poisoning the enemy.  




Arbok used Thunder Fang by Hedgey

Hedgey aka Gina from the UK  is another one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ in May 2016 to participate in the Pokémon Tribute. She started with a super cute take on Meowth, continued with Arbok and also  created truly epic Ditto illustration for this project.

She also draws a ton of stuff including more Pokémon related art on dA , you should visit her whole gallery here!



“The user bites with electrified fangs. It may also make the target flinch or leave it with paralysis”

Like the Poison Sting, the Thunder Fang is one of the first moves an Arbok can use. Atleast since the Generation IV games when this damage dealing Electric-Type move was introduced. 

It has also a 10% chance to paralyze the opponent or causing the target to flinch.



“It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area”

Arbok is a Poison-type Pokémon and the only evolution of Ekans. It looks a lot like an Indian Cobra and unlike Ekans it has the typical big Snake-fangs. It is till today the tallest Poison -type Pokémon and is known for being one of the Pokémon that were used by Jesse from Team Rocket in the anime series. 


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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