Glalie using Blizzard by SnowmanEX711

SnowmanEX711 describes himself as a regular guy who likes to draw things, but personally, I believe he is a lot more than just that, it takes a lot of dedication and talent as well to create well-done art, and I think his Pokemon illustrations are showing exactly that. He is one of the new artists that joined our series of Pokemon Art Collaborations in 2018, he returned in 2019 for our Gen IV Tribute already as well.

Have a look at his complete gallery here!




Glalie using Torment by freqrexy

Bev Wooff / Freqrexy from the United Kingdom creates art for 13 years already and joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May already. In the end, she contributed not less than eight of the 151 Pokemon for it in 2016 and returned four Pokemon in our Gen II Tribute and another stunning 16! of the 135 Gen III Pokemon, making her the direct “rival” of Yggdrassal, the only other artists in our community who ever contributed 16 Pokemon for one of the Generation tributes!

She is also one of the GA-HQ Patreon Supporters and helps me to create the galleries by writing the descriptions of many of the Pokemon and the illustrated moves and abilities 🙂 

You can see a lot of drawn art but also crafted items and even cosplay in her gallery here!




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