Nidorino used Poison Jab by Hedgey

Hedgey aka Gina from the UK  is another one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ in May 2016 to participate in the Pokémon Tribute. She started with a super cute take on Meowth, continued with Arbok and Vulpix and also  created truly epic Ditto illustration for this project. Raticate was her last submission for the Gen I Tribute.

She also draws a ton of stuff including more Pokémon related art on dA , you should visit her whole gallery here!


“The foe is stabbed with a tentacle or arm steeped in poison. It may also poison the foe”

The Poison Jab is a Poison-Type Move that deals damage and has also a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent. It was introduced in the Gen IV games. Nidorino can learn it through leveling at level 33, but this move is also available as TM84. Jessie from Team Rocket was hit with a Poison Jab by a Croagunk once “…”



Nidorino used Double Kick by Altarior

Altarior is one of the around 15 artists that were invited for our first Pokémon Art Collaboration. I saw her impressive take on Hoh-Oh in February 2016 and thought that someone who draws the Pokémon with such a dedication would sure like the idea of a project that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the first Pokémon games and also adds a new twist with the focus on illustrating the many different abilities of the first 151 Pokémon.

I  am sure she will be back for Gen II in 2017 🙂


“A double-kicking attack that strikes the foe twice.“

Double Kick is a multi-striking Fighting-Type move introduced in Generation I.

The user kicks its opponent two times in succession, with the first kick being the only opportunity to land a Critical Hit. From Generation II and onward, each strike varies in damage.



“An aggressive Pokémon that is quick to attack. The horn on its head secretes a powerful venom”

Nidorino is a Poison-Type Pokemon that can evolve from the Male Nidoran and evolves into Nidoking. They are known to be very aggressive and the horn on their head is known to be harder than a diamond even. A Nidorino made a small appearance in the first episode of the Pokemon Anime series where it battles a Gengar in a fight watched by Ash in TV.

Its name Nidorino is the same worldwide while the most Pokemon have usually different names in Europe.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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