The Street Fighter series is one of the oldest and still continued fighting game series, and also one of the most successful video game series ever. Reason enough for our Community to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Street Fighter in 2017 and tribute the complete Street Fighter series with Fan Art that will illustrate the characters and their development from Street Fighter in 1987 up to the latest roster additions in Street Fighter V.

Beside the five main series Street Fighter games, we are also taking  a tour to the various spinoff games like Street Fighter Alpha, EX and even the Movie, Anime and Crossover games. You might see a few characters as part of this Street Fighter celebration you never even heard about before!


The character galleries are all featuring two illustrations of the character as well as descriptions of the characters and their role in the specific Street Fighter game. This gallery as well as our whole Street Fighter Anniversary Project is a total work in progress that won’t be complete before November or December 2017, maybe even later. 




Street Fighter II – Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Main Gallery

Street Fighter II in 1991 was and still is one of the most popular fighting games ever and basically the birth of the fighting game genre as we still know it today. We were illustrating and documenting all 19 characters from SF II and its updates!

Evil Ryu


Violent Ken


Chun Li









Dee Jay





Fei Long




Street Fighter I Main Gallery

Back in 1987, the Street Fighter franchise started with the first World Warrior Tournament hosted by a mysterious Muay Thai fighter named Sagat. Can Ryu defeat all the other martial artists he has to fight around the globe before he can challenge Sagat himself?















 About the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Art Tribute by the Fighting-Games-Elite & Game-Art-HQ Community:

The first step for this project was a difficult one, getting 24 artists to draw the 12 characters from the classic Street Fighter while they are pretty unpopular guys among them and not everyone wants to draw Ryu in his classic design. But we managed it somehow in around a month and had the Street Fighter I gallery with 24 character illustrations done in February.

The second step for our World Warrior Tribute started on the 28th February..a Tuesday of course and around the half of the available 38 character spots were taken on the first day already. Depending on the level of interest, we might add a third spot for all 19 characters on the 7th March if all spots are taken already at that day. 

Both Akuma and Cammy White got their 4 spots taken by the artists that participated in the SFI part already, Dee Jay however was the first of the 19 SF II characters that got both spots claimed on the 28th February when we started the SF II round.


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