by Adivider


by Shadaloo1989


by MDVillarreal


“Get lost, you can’t compare with my powers!”


M. Bison is the final boss of the original Street Fighter II and all other spin-offs of the game. As the psychotic leader of the criminal syndicate Shadaloo, he is the main host for the World Warriors tournament who uses it as a means to root out the world’s strongest fighters and use them towards his evil goals of world domination. His original Japanese name was ‘Vega’, to which it still remains in all Japanese versions. But in the United States it was switched out with Balrog’s Japanese name ‘M. Bison’ due to it being too similar to Mike Tyson’s name.  That’s right….the powerful dictator of an all reaching evil organization is technically named Mike.

Contrary to his name, Bison is a very imposing and powerful fighter who has high ambitions to rule the world. His early life is shrouded in mystery, as his birthplace and heritage is unknown. He was often considered to be Thai due to his final stage being set in Thailand as well as possibly receiving some of his martial arts training there. But Thailand is more or less his main base of operations for his Shadaloo organization, to which he rules over it with an iron fist. He conducts illegal drug trafficking, human experimentation and assassinations using his various soldiers and henchmen he recruits or steals from around the world. He also uses his organization to influence political and business leaders on a global scale as well; even having some hand in other organizations meant for good like Interpol and the U.S. Military. All the while he seeks to become stronger through a force known as “Psycho Power”; a telekinetic power that Bison normally obtains from the world’s strongest fighters.


One fighter that has caught his eye in particular was Ryu; whose untapped potential far exceeds Bison’s expectations. He then holds the World Warriors tournament in an attempt to lure Ryu out. In this attempt he has also lured other fighters like Chun Li and Guile; both of whom want revenge against Bison for killing someone close to them.

As the final boss of four bosses the player faced, M. Bison was not selectable in the first version of Street Fighter II. This was also true for his three main henchmen Balrog, Vega and Sagat. Later in Street Fighter II Turbo Championship Edition he and his henchmen became selectable characters and have been ever since. As the final boss of the game he was naturally very powerful, very swift and very cheap to fight against. However, many players found him to be equally challenging to control once he became playable. Those who could control him though found great sadistic joy and pleasure stomping on player’s heads with his ‘Head Press Nightmare’ or burning them with his famous ‘Psycho Crusher.’

His ending to the game was also the most insidious, as defeating all the fighters made him the most powerful fighter in the world, to which he then proceeds to take it over and fill it with his evil.  Despite his evil nature, like most villains he does seem to have a humorous side to him. Namely in his movie and animated series incarnations where he is known for his catch phrases “OF COURSE!” and “This is DELICIOUS!”

And while other final bosses in the series like Gill and Seth have taken his place as final boss; he has remained a fan favorite villain of the series with his bright red military garb and ever-present wicked smile.


About the Artists:


Adivider or just Adi is a freelance illustrator from Indonesia and joined our community some when in 2016 to join our Boss Tribute quickly with an amazing take of Garuda from Street Fighter EX. Now we see his amazing take on M. Bison showing off his trademark grin and fighting stance! 

You can see a lot great stuff on his DA page, including many line-arts beside the full colored/detailed ones!


Shadaloo1989 is an artist from the Netherlands whose name says it all. Her artwork consists mostly of Shadaloo and its members. Most prominently is its leader Bison who she appears to be a big fan of. Hence she was perfect to draw M. Bison for our Tribute and produced a fine presentation of the big man himself.

Visit her DA page and enjoy some awesome tributes to the big boss of Shadaloo!


MDVillarreal is an American artist who has a flare for drawing characters in very dramatic poses and at very tight angles. His take on M. Bison for our Street Fighter II tribute is just that; with the evil dictator himself being shown from a top down angle looking down at any potential challenger trying to take him down!

Check out more of his work on his DA Page; be warned some mature material ahead!



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