Ken Masters is the only character in the classic Street Fighter that players could control to fight each other. Ken is also absolute identical to Ryu, he only looks different but the moves were the completely same. He is portrayed as Ryu’s sparring partner, rival and friend who trained together with Ryu under their master Gouken.

He was actually named Ken Masters because Capcom wanted to avoid potential lawsuits by Mattell since the character looked similar to Ken Carson from the Barbie toys. 

His visual design stayed the almost completely same until Street Fighter V in 2016 actually. 


by Demonic-Brute

by Huseyin Sekerciler


“Street Fighter was always epic  in terms of character design and its such an ancient relic to me because I played it as a little kid and it was one of the first games I played on Nintendo. 🙂

The gameplay is pretty damn cool with increasing number of special attacks with every new version but I think that its slightly slow-paced than Tekken or Blazblue (which I consider a negative point)

And here’s something you might enjoy as well”

by Demonic-Brute


I always liked Street Fighter, especially its character designs and style of art, and Akira Yasuda is one of my idols. When I was a kid, I was trying to copy Street Fighter characters ( Ken Masters is my personal favorite by the way ) and Capcom is one of  my ( if not the ) favorite game companies.

by Huseyin Sekerciler



About the Artists:

Demonic-Brute is a part of the Fighting-Games-Elite Community since around a year and participated with Hazama from BlazBlue in our Fighting Game Boss Tribute V2 already before he joined the Street Fighter Art Collaboration as one of the first ones to claim Ken Masters, as well as the 2nd spot for Lee when he submitted his take on Ken already.

You can see more of his works via his gallery on dA!

N.Huseyin Sekerciler is one of the few artists from the Turkey that are a part of our community. He joined FGE in 2016 and illustrates many own ideas and character designs beside drawing video game fan art from time to time.

Beside creating one of the most impressive illustrations of Gen in his classic Street Fighter I look, he also drew Goenitz from KOF’97 for the Boss Tribute and helped us out with the 2nd Ken Masters SF I illustration. I recommend to have a look at his gallery on dA! 




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