Mike is one of the ten unplayable Street Fighter (1987) characters and learned boxing while he was imprisoned for robbery. After his time there he was a changed man and  tried to raise some money for the poor people and help the community by teaching them boxing as well. The World Warrior tournament hosted by Sagat was probably a good chance to earn some…fight money. 

Yup, you saw what I did there. Many of us Street Fighter players who read about the first game and its characters believed that Balrog from Street Fighter II..who is actually named Mike Bison in the original Street Fighter II in Japan is actually Mike. But while both boxers are or at least were doing shady stuff  and both seemed to be based on Mike Tyson, they are actually two different characters as Capcom mentioned multiple times. 

According to his updated Street Fighter V Bio, Mike is actually a pretty nice guy now who loves his family. 


by Eric DeSantis

by TrololoMrEggman

Playing Street Fighter has always been a part of my gaming life, there is so much that I love about it.

One of the things that really captured me was watching a game that evolved. (The original) Street Fighter was both cool and a bit of a novelty when it first arrived. But seeing Street Fighter II show up and actually brand itself as a sequel was at the time an uncommon idea for arcades. Street Fighter II delivered in so many ways and watching it grow and change over the years fascinated me to no end.

Super Street Fighter II was of course a highlight of the series but it was with Street Fighter Alpha that I was totally blown away in watching a game series take on a whole new direction. Over time the updates and sequels became a little silly, but no less awesome and fun. There are still key moments in the series that remain genre defining.

by Eric DeSantis


To be honest, I dunno, why am I so drived about the Street Fighter series. I didn’t have big experiences with SF when I was a kiddo, but heck, I friggin’ LOVE SF.

Especially SF Alpha 3. Man, if you’re an Adon player and getting to Rolento- you’d better to be ready to get some epic wall-jumping fast as shit action with most awesome music for such show on the BG.

Yes, this battle shows EVERYTHING, why anyone can love SF Series for: nice characters, pleasant gameplay, accelerating blood in veins temp of game, which leads for sometimes really epic action going on the screen. And of course, dat music.
Well, all in all: This Series Contains WIN.

by TrololoMrEggman



About the Artists:

Eric “SuperEdco” DeSantis is an American Professional Artists and also one of our biggest contributors now since years. He did not only participate in almost all our art collaborations, he also contributed the Logos for many of them including our recent Pokemon Anniversary Tribute. He was recently working on the iOS/Android beat’em up RumbleCade which you can check out here, the game got just released!

Beside on his own site, edesantis.net you can also get in contact with him or just see his works on deviantART here

Dmitry aka TrololoMrEggman is a Russian artist I met at the Mugenguild a while ago and talked with him about fighting games there or rarely about actual Mugen stuff.

I thought it would be a good idea to share this project there as well and three artists from there liked the idea to do this art collaboration about the Street Fighter characters. Dmitry was quick to grab one of the almost forgotten guys, Mike the boxer.

His gallery on dA is mostly about Street Fighter in general and features some cool sprite edits as well as other SF related art. 



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