by Robbie Reilly


by digitalArtistYork


Evil Ryu is the more darker twisted version of Ryu and was first introduced as a secret character in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Now in 2017, over 20 years after his debut he is going to return as a playable character in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for the Nintendo Switch and any ports that are just a matter of time. 

He is a projected image of what Ryu would look like if he gave into the murderous intent of the Satsui no Hadou. But even as early as Street Fighter I, Ryu has actually experienced this inner darkness before. In the first World Warriors Tournament, Ryu tapped into his burning hatred and desire to win by using the Satsui no Hadou to defeat Sagat; and give him the trademark scar he has on his chest.


Since then, Ryu has tried hard to control it and win by using only the techniques his master Gouken taught him without succumbing to the darkness that can be so tempting inside him.

But Ryu is not without temptation. For in this world, there are two antagonizing forces who want Ryu’s inner evil to surface. One being the power hungry M. Bison who wishes to see Ryu release his inner evil and thus his full potential so Bison can harness it for himself.

The other is Akuma, who wants Ryu to be like him and give into the power of the Satsui no Hadou. Only with Ryu’s placid mind and his friends can he be saved from releasing this dark inner evil…..But will it be enough?


About the Artists:


Robbie Reilly aka the Digitalninja is an artist from the USA who creates some impressive artwork since many years. Much of his artwork involves drawing both the men and women of fighting games with their cool poses and exaggerated techniques. He has a “Redux” series ongoing that show his own ideas for the King of Fighters and now the Tekken characters as well. His style captures all of this perfectly. So it was only natural that his take on Evil Ryu turned out to be a real winner and a great reflection of the darkness within our Capcom poster boy.

Visit his DA page and enjoy more of his excellent work!

digitalArtistYork  aka Leon is a British artist who contributed to Game-Art-HQ for the first time in this Street Fighter II art tribute. He decided to give us his depiction of Evil Ryu, and it is as sinister as Evil Ryu could be. It compliments his art style well with the dark and rough shadows with intense lighting to compliment the rugged blackness.

You can clearly see many huge contrasts of light and dark when you view his work on his DA page.


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