by Furin94


by Gjergji-zhuka


by Mike “Sarrus” Williams


Violent Ken is an alternate version of Ken Masters under the evil influences of Shadaloo and considerably more vicious. He is a mirror image of his rival Ryu’s darker self known as Evil Ryu.

Violent Ken is based entirely off the Street Fighter II Animated Movie; where in order to lure Ryu out of hiding the evil M. Bison captures Ken Masters and exposes him to his psycho powers. After Ken undergoes these torturous methods, he is brought to Ryu’s location and engages Ryu in a deadly one-on-one fight.

The drive to be the best plus Bison’s psychotic influence makes Ken even more powerful than before as he is Hell bent on killing his rival and friend Ryu. But eventually Ken snaps out of it, and he and Ryu work together to take down Bison.

Violent Ken’s first video game appearance was in SNK vs Capcom Chaos in 2003, where he was possessed by the power of the Orochi rather than Bison. With the release of the Nintendo Switch; Violent Ken is slated to make his return alongside his counterpart Evil Ryu in Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. It was quite the surprise to see this character being in a game made by Capcom after so many years. Let’s see if this form of him might return in Street Fighter V as well.


About the Artists:


Furin94  is a German artist who participated in our Street Fighter 2 Tribute with his rendition of Violent Ken. As you can see, his sense of lighting and texture is impeccable. Showing Ken’s psycho driven Shoryuken with that hateful look in his eyes really captures the intensity.

Visit his DA page and check out more of his work!


Gjergji-zhuka  is a male artist who hails from Albania, and has experimented in all kinds of mediums to express his amazing talents. Looking into his gallery, you can see he takes inspiration from both the new and the classical. This is especially true when he crates art using techniques that seem to come from the Renaissance period. Hence his take on Violent Ken with its violent brush strokes and dramatic lighting. It compliments him well here with Ken’s fiery Capcom vs SNK Chaos design as he is ready to make his reentry in Ultra Street Fighter II.

Visit his DA page and be amazed as to what he has created!


Sarrus  is a male British artist with an amazing flair for detail in both his coloring and linework. He has done artworks that were submitted to UDON Comics. His work looks so professionally done you think he was working for UDON comics. His take on Violent Ken as his additional artwork for our Street Fighter II tribute did not disappoint, as it shows the dark psycho power emanating from Ken with murder in his eyes and looking ready to give you more than just another flaming Shoryuken.

Visit his DA page here and enjoy his amazing artwork.


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