Adon is one of the ten unplayable characters in the classic Street Fighter and the last opponent before Sagat for Ryu.

He was a student of Sagat for years and participated in the World Warrior tournament to prove himself and show the world that he is not just a “lesser version of Sagat”. Ryu managed to defeat him with a single Shoryuken however when the cocky Adon let his guard down.

After he saw Sagat losing to Ryu as well, he lost all respect for his former teacher.

Like Birdie, Adon became finally a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995, but his design was not changed as drastically as in Birdie’s case. Like Sagat, he uses Muay Thai as his fighting style, but has faster moves and none of the typical “Shoto” techniques. 


by Paulo Sampaio

by Tom Waterhouse


About the Artists:

Paulo Cesar Sampaio from Brazil was one of the artists I invited for our Street Fighter Tribute back in December 2011 after seeing his “Black Power Mix” Street Fighter & Marvel Fan Art. .

Luckily for us, Paulo liked the idea of participating in a Street Fighter Anniversary Tribute, the rest is history 🙂

We look forward to his next Video Game Fan Art after his well done take on Adon from the classic Street Fighter. You can see more of Paulo’s works in his deviantART gallery.

Tom “2dforever” Waterhouse from the UK is a part of the Game-Art-HQ community since years, and actually one of the reasons why this community and website exists right now. Like myself he is a big fighting game player who is familiar with Capcom’s old and new games but also learned to appreciate the greatness that was and sometimes still is SNK with their Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games.

Him calling dibs on Adon from the classic Street Fighter however was a big surprise since he draws the Street Fighter characters quite rarely. Have a look at his website or his gallery on dA!



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