Sagat was the host and the final opponent in the first “World Warrior” Tournament, back when nothing was known about M.Bison.

His noble reason to hold this tournament was that he wanted to prove that he is not just the strongest Muay Thai fighter but also the strongest fighter in the whole world. Many warriors from different countries participated in the tournament that was held worldwide. 

His student Adon who learned Muay Thay under Sagat and wanted to prove that he is not just a “lesser version” of his master was only defeated by a Japanese boy named Ryu, which earned him the right to confront the “Emperor of Muay Thai”.

You might notice that he did not have the big scar on his chest before the battle with Ryu.



“Street Fighter is one of the oldest sagas of fighting games (among many) whose mechanics have been evolving and being refined over the years.
The truth is that this saga of games has many interesting and attractive things. For starters, I could talk about the characters. the design, mechanics, and variety that are key components.
The interaction with the stages had been a little forgotten in older titles but has returned, since SFV.

Like the old boxes and statues from the SFII  Guile stage to the wings of the plane in the air base stage. Each character has a stage of his own with exclusive and regional designs that is something that seems very creative.
The music reached its most key point in the second and third titles (in my opinion) but I am always open to listen to the music in the new ones as well.
The constancy and the evolution of the characters is also something that I like a lot, the visual design changes in the wardrobe and in the years that have passed is reflected in the character designs and that is also something that I really like and enjoy.”

One of my funniest experiences with Street Fighter I have to share (and that several friends remember) is a match that I did many years ago between the rivals Ryu and Sagat.

I was Sagat and was losing, I was in a very disadvantageous situation in front of Ryu, who had almost 40% of his health compared to my 05%, then my friend jumps with Ryu and I made a “Tiger Uppercut” move with Sagat that faded the whole life of the poor Ryu lol… was one of the best and hilarious victories that I’ve ever had and I remember all the time when I play with either of these two characters.

by Leandro “qpmjcv” Herrera


About the Artist:

Leandro Herrera from Argentina is an active member of our community since years and participated in our other fighting game related art collaborations and contests but his first submission was all about the almost forgotten Chocobo Racing game back when we did an art jam about the 20th Anniversary of the first Playstation console back in 2014. 

He was actually the first artist who claimed one of the Street Fighter I characters (Sagat) when we started this project on the 11th December. Since he was quick to draw multiple sketches of Sagat that were all looking promising we thought they both need to be in this project. That’s why Leandro is the only artist in our Street Fighter Collaboration who got both spots for one of the characters from a specific Street Fighter game. 

Go and have a look at his gallery here!



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